1. Loading and unloading of vessels, coasters, barges, railcars and trucks:
Two terminals with a total of 1,300 meters in quay length handle incoming and outgoing grain, oilseeds and derivatives cargos. Thanks to the high-tech loading and unloading installations, several sea-going vessels can be handled simultaneously.

  • Total unloading capacity:
    40,000 mt/day (+30% with nightshifts)
    Based on heavy grains, 40,000 mt/day is the overall unloading capacity for both terminals from 06.00 am till 10 pm. Upon the customer’s request, this capacity can be increased up to 50% by nightshifts.
  • Total loading capacity:
    40,000 mt/day (sea-going vessels, coasters, barges and
    railway cars)
    8,000 mt/day (trucks)

In addition, these dockyards are:

  • accessible for Panamax-vessels with a draft of 12,5 meters F.W.
  • connected directly to road, rail or barge network

2. Storage (vertical and flat): 650,000 mt

Over the years, Euro-Silo has improved and expanded its total storage capacity for grains, oilseeds and derivatives up to 650,000 mt, divided into vertical bins and flatstores.

  • 210,000 mt vertical bins
    (free flowing grains & oilseeds)
  • 440,000 mt flatstores
  • Identity Preserved storage
  • Bonded Warehouse

3. Cooling

Euro-Silo can also offer grain cooling services for goods in need of temperature controlled storage

4. Sieving

Another extra service Euro-Silo has to offer its customers is cargo sieving. Each terminal has a sieving installation in order to calibrate the grain. 

5. Fumigation

On both facilities safe unloading and storage of fumigated goods is possible. Fumigation on site is carried out by certified external gas doctors.


Euro-Silo in het nieuws: wij gebruiken schapen voor het onderhoud van onze 30,000m2 gazon. Bekijk de reportage hier:



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