Grain, oilseeds and derivatives storage and handling

Euro-Silo: your reliable partner in the port of Ghent

For over 45 years, Euro-Silo has been and is your ideal partner in the port of Ghent for anything that has to do with the handling, distribution and storage of grain, oilseeds and derivatives. Thanks to continuous improvements and investment Euro-Silo also acquired an international reputation as the distribution centre par excellence in the heart of Europe.

But, storage, handling and distribution are not the only services Euro-Silo has to offer its global clientele. Find out more below about all our services which are carried out following the highest quality standards.


  • 650,000 mt storage
    210,000 mt vertical bins (free flowing grains & oilseeds)
    440,000 mt flatstores (derivates)
  • 1,300 mtr quay length
  • Unloading capacity 
    40,000 mt/day
    (+30% with nightshifts)
  • Loading capacity of
    40,000 mt/day (sea-going vessels, coasters, barges and railwaycars)
    8,000 mt/hr (trucks)
  • Accessible for Panamax-vessels with a draft of 12,5 meters F.W.
  • Connected directly to road, rail or barge network


Are you looking for the best service regarding the handling, distribution and storage of grains, oilseeds and derivatives in the port of Ghent? We will gladly assist you. Contact us without obligation for more information and/or a quotation.